Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I'm busy. The end.

Someone pointed out to me that I hadn't updated my blog in over a month. How was he supposed to know what's going on in my life? That someone was Ron. And I suggested an actual conversation as I was sitting right next to him!

As you can probably guess by my abscence, I am busy. Too busy. I've got to admit that my new volunteer responsibilities (scouts) are taking more time than I thought they would. Two sports for Ryan and cheerleading for the girls and Brownies, Cub Scouts, and Daisies... totally wreaking havoc on my calendar. I have something to do each and every day and am often double or triple booked. The baseball season is almost over. Soccer is almost over. Cheerleading is almost over. Thank goodness! I don't know what activities we'll have this winter but I know none of them start before January. Phew. A small break.

Tonight was the Halloween Parade. It is the 10th one since we moved here. Ryan was just a baby and all the neighbors we met told us to be sure and check out the parade. We've been to at least half of them since that first one. And tonight for the first time we waked in the parade. The Cub Scouts were walking and collecting canned food for the food pantry. Bella and Felisa were able to walk along, in costume (an angel and Scooby Doo). I'm surprised that I didn't hear more whining from them about having to walk but a few friends were there so I think that distracted them. Bella was SOOO hungry she said but didn't say she was tired. Ryan's arms were sore from carrying the banner. And Felisa got to ride in the wagon that a friend's dad was pulling. The hardest part, other than my lack of enthusiasm for the activity, was walking home after the parade. The minivan needs new wheel bearings and since we had to walk anyway, I decided that tonight would be the best time to drop it off at the shop (Ron is out of town and unavailable to help). Which meant we had no ride home after. Which also meant we had to wait longer before we got back to the bathroom. My little Scooby made it almost all the way home (about 3 blocks shy) when she just couldn't hold it anymore. So she had to pee in someone's front yard, along the curb. I felt bad but couldn't think of an alternative other than peeing in her clothes and having to walk home all wet (oh, the tears there would have been!). It was dark. No one saw us. (A car came right afterwards - phew, that was close!) And I was saying that it was no different than if we were walking our dog and the dog peed at the edge of the grass. Then I laughed - it was a dog! Scooby! Ha ha ha! I feel bad, I really do. But it was an emergency!

I've been doing some filing this week for Christy's office. Working ALL day while the kids are at school is hard. I wake up - get the kids to school - go to the office - leave the office - pick up the kids - do homework - go to various activities - come home and collapse in bed. How do working moms do it? Too hard for me. I'll try to keep my temp working status for as long as possible.

Ron's parents are coming - yay! Taking the kids to the beach - yay!

And now I will stop the random rambles and get to sleep.

The summary - I'm busy. The end.

See you next month - maybe sooner next time but don't hold your breath. And maybe next time I'll take the time to put my thoughts together into a coherent story rather than the insanity that is my life which I have presented here.