Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Veteran's Day!

11-11-11... a fun date to say and write. :)

Attended a Veteran's Day Prayer service at the school this morning. The kids all wore their scout uniforms (poor Ryan was at least a foot taller than all of the others - even the boys his age!) and lined the aisle for the Marine Corps Honor Guard who presented the colors.

Near the end of the service, they asked the Veterans in attendance to stand. Normally, I am one to just sit quietly, preferring to be anonymous. However, I knew that my kids were there watching and would want to know why I didn't stand up. How can I teach them that it is important to honor and respect veterans while at the same time saying that I don't want to be recognized. Just all the OTHER veterans... So in a moment of Mommy sacrifice, I stood up. I looked around. There were about 10 of us in attendance. I was the youngest by far and the only woman. Sheesh - now I really want to sit down. Those old guys are the real, true veterans. They really sacrificed and served. I stood my ground though, trying to be a good example and hoping my kids were paying attention!

I have decided that I am definitely more comfortable in the support role when it comes Veterans Day and honoring our veterans and active duty armed forces members. I can be the family of one who serves. I can be the strong silent support. I can advocate for those who (have) serve(d) to be recognized. Just don't go eye-balling me! I am but a shadow...