Monday, November 24, 2008

A Poem

The Thanksgiving Feast
by Ryan
At the beginning of the Thanksgiving feast,
We were called in from our race.
Then we went in and
We all said "Grace."
At the middle of the Thanksgiving feast,
My cousins pulled the wishbone.
Aunt Carol got all angry and said,
"Don't make me use this tone."
At the end of the Thanksgiving feast,
We watched all our friends leave
And our Uncle George,
He finally heaved!

Oh so hilarious!!! I found this in the school papers he brought home and thought it was too funny not to share! Bella drew some really cute Dress-Up Turkeys last week too. Those will definitely make it into the scrapbook.

In other funny news...
Last week as Ryan was getting into the shower he told me, "Parents are like lice." Really?!? Why is that? "Because they don't like dirty hair."

Okay then. Good answer. Even if you did just call me a louse!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

War is Ugly

The latest count: 4 dead, one MIA, and one prisoner released.

After one disappeared, I found this morning when I went to check - no trap. Which means that it got away again? But no, as I'm looking around under the sink, I hear a rustling in the back corner. Uh oh. Sounds like a live one. I pull everything out very carefully. I don't want the mouse to escape still stuck in the trap. It's bad enough that he is hurt. I fish him out with a ruler and a dustpan. Darby was nice enough to come in from the backyard, leaving the door ajar, just then so that I could escape hands-free. I took the poor guy out to the back near the shed. Once I put him down, he tried to run away but couldn't because he was still in the trap. I was able to release him without him biting me. He seemed fine except for a broken front paw. Once free he scampered off into the leaves.

I really hate this part of the mice wars. I don't like killing them but it is the best compromise I can come up with for the situation. I want my traps to kill immediately every time. I don't enjoy killing them but even worse is not killing them. Finding a wounded prisoner is not fun. Leaves a pit in my stomach.

Yes, it's true. War is ugly.

Monday, November 17, 2008

They're Baaaack!

Tis the season... The weather is getting colder and winter is just around the corner. Time for all good animals to take shelter. Apparently my latest visitors did not get the memo from last season's crew... don't live under Sheila's sink. She will kill you!!!

I found the evidence of the mice's return a week or so ago. My vaccuum cleaner was broken at the time so I just ignored it. (I like to ignore problems and hope they go away on their own!) I fixed the vaccuum a couple days ago so today when I took out the trash I decided it was as good a time as any to set up the mousetrap once more. Took only a couple hours to catch my first one.

It's sad really - they're kind of cute. And though I talk tough sometimes (my nickname was once Killer), I don't enjoy killing them. But they cannot live in my house. So out they go!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Nothing to Report

I feel bad that I haven't blogged anything lately. Apparently there are people out there who use it as a way to keep up with our family (Yea! That's partly what it's for!). So I feel bad. But - there is nothing to report.

Nothing new or exciting or interesting has happened. Each and every day is almost exactly like the one before it. I still didn't get anything done that I need to beyond shuttling kids and the minimal laundry, cooking, and dishes. At one point I had high hopes for what I could get done with my 6 months. Alas, I'm afraid my house is worse off now than it was in June. So, sorry Ron, but you'll be coming home to an absolute disaster area. Hopefully you won't mind. I'll try to work on it through the spring but I make no guarantees.

So here we sit, approximately 50 days from Ron's return. Just passing the time.

Nothing to report.

Thursday, November 06, 2008


"The intelligence of the creature known as a crowd, is the square root of the number of people in it.” ~Terry Pratchett