Monday, September 21, 2009

Wake Me Up When September Ends

That's the song that was playing on the radio this evening as I headed home from the baseball game. I'm not sure that things will be any calmer by then so maybe you just shouldn't wake me up.


*Bella's birthday is Thursday. We have Cub Scouts that night. Her party isn't until Oct. 5 so not sure what we'll do family-wise before that.

*Our block had another yard sale this weekend. Made $150. The house however is a disaster-strewn mess, leftover from our last minute grab and dash to get more junk outside. Therefore, it is very difficult to tell that anything is missing. My Scrapbooking Pit of Despair is particularly discouraging and lacking hope. No light at the end of that tunnel!

*Ron cleaned up the living room/entry way. So at least it looks clean when you walk in the door. Just don't come any farther into the house than about 10 feet!

*Subbed at Parkwood today. Going again tomorrow. Then errands then picking up the kids then soccer then... so on and so forth until another day has passed with very little to show for it.

*What do mosquitos eat? I mean, besides me. They LOVE me. I'll be glad when they are gone for the season. Scratch, scratch, scratch.

*Cut my finger Saturday on a VERY SHARP knife. Monitoring it twice daily to decide whether or not we'll have to amputate or at least go to the doctor for stitches and/or better bandages. So far, it seems to be doing okay. Knock on wood.

*Boys are home from baseball (We do these forever and a day two hour long games in shifts this season!) so it's time to go. Dishes and laundry and a mile-long to do list await me.

Until September Ends...


Scattered Mom said...

I'll be happy when September ends, too. :)

Shani said...




you can thank me later.