Friday, February 17, 2012

so i have this dilemma... how do i become part of my new community

i do not feel as if i belong. which is not entirely surprising. we have lived here only 6 months. i am attempting to volunteer at school and scouts if i see a need or if i am asked. and yet when i do show up it always seems as though they already have everything covered. oh yeah. we already passed out the drinks. oh yeah we already have the cookies. just come to my house. oh gee i did not stop to think that you have only been there once before and may not know the way. zoom zoom. off we go. better luck next time sucker.

i want to just take my juice and go home. why bother. but then how will i ever be a part of the community. catch 22.

so for now i have taken my juice and gone home. call me if you change your mind. until then i will just be hanging out the quails and the turkey.

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