Thursday, October 12, 2006

Scissor Crazy Kids

I'm holding my breath, waiting to see what Bella will add to the pile of mutilated clothing. Both Ryan and Felisa have gone crazy with the scissors lately. Ryan cut a hole in his pants at school the other day. Why? Because he wanted to see what would happen. I'll tell what will happen - you'll be grounded until next year! I had the sewing box out a few days ago (emergency surgery for Buttercup and Care Bear) so I fixed that hole as well. And offered more strict admonishment to NEVER EVER DO THAT AGAIN! Apparently Felisa wasn't listening when I said that. And I really have no idea what possessed her to do it but this morning she cut a hole in both of her socks. Bad Baby! After many tears (mostly hers!) I told her to NEVER EVER DO THAT AGAIN! But Bella wasn't home which means she didn't hear me and she'll be next. Things come in 3's right? Our kids did, which gives them all equal opportunity to drive Mommy crazy!

Let's all review... Scissors for paper and ONLY for paper!!!

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