Thursday, May 03, 2007

Vaccuum Cleaner Kids for Rent

I may lose my babysitting job after this post but it's funny so I'll tell anyway! :)

I went upstairs earlier to clean up Bella's room a little. I couldn't decide whether to start with the movies (about 15 videos and corresponding empty cases stacked on the dresser and spread about the rug) or the dishes (about 5-10 bowls and cups strewn about the dollhouse, couch, and floor)... tough choices. I could make the kids clean up later but I'll probably forget until bedtime and I knew Corey and Felisa would be playing up there this morning and figured I might as well just do it myself. I decided on the dishes and started stacking the empty bowls. I was just about to start picking up the spilled cheerios and lucky charms off the floor when Felisa woke up. As usual, another project left undone...

I just went up to check on them (I heard the video locker closing) and decided to grab the dishes while I was there. And pick up the spilled cereal. Except there wasn't any spilled cereal. Hmmm.... Did you guys clean up the cereal that was here on the floor? Yes. Oh, thank you. That was very nice and helpful. We ate it, remember Corey? Umm-Hmm. Oh great... Good thing it was only dry cereal and nothing that will give them food poisoning!

So, if you have any crumbs about your house, I can rent my vaccuum cleaner kids to you. For free!

(They're better than my worthless, picky, you-might-as-well-call-me-a-cat, dog, Bailey!)

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