Friday, June 12, 2009

I don't know where to begin... so I guess I'll just jump in and go for it. Hang on tight, it might be a bumpy road.

Darby peed on Bella's bed. Again. For the like the millionth time. The fact that he NEVER asks to go outside ever drives me bananas. The only thing that will make him whine - if he wants food. He doesn't go to the door. Doesn't do anything. Just goes on into the girls' room and helps himself to Bella's bed. I guess I should be happy because it's easier to clean than the carpet in the hallway. But still. Bananas!!! And to prevent him from doing this, we (try to) keep the doors closed. Which I hate. That corner between the bedrooms is so dark when the doors are closed. I like the natural light coming in and lightening the hallway. But no. Stupid Dog pees on the bed so now we have to keep the doors closed. The same Stupid Dog last week climbed up on the table and ate the chicken and chicken bones I was picking clean. Luckily he only got half so I still had enough for dinner the next night. And it is partly my fault because it was on the table and the chair was partially pulled out to allow him access. Doesn't make me any less mad though. Stupid. Dog.

My arms are irritated today. The triceps area. Maybe because it was hot today? I don't know. They just feel raw from rubbing on my shirt all day but otherwise seem fine. Maybe my girl hormones are aggravating my skin. I'm breaking out on my chin, probably from those same stupid girl hormones. Stupid hormones.

(and really, it's probably the hormones doing all the talking here tonight)

My neighbor has asked me a couple times in the past week or so if I'm okay. Says she has been thinking about me and is worried about me. Must be some killer good vibes I'm giving off, eh? She also offered to give me dirt for my birthday. Is she trying to say something? As in, I am older than - dirt - ??? Actually it was a totally sweet offer. She said she would pay for the guys to bring the good dirt mix that they put in her yard and fill up my new (Very Gorgeous Garden Boxes that Super Studly Husband built for me!) boxes. Just might have to take her up on it. Oh and back to Stupid Dog... I planted some strawberries last night in the new garden. Not even two hours later, Stupid Dog was out there eating the new dirt. Hmm. Maybe I shouldn't get the new dirt. Darby would just eat it all. Then wash his dirty whiskers in his water dish so that I have to give him fresh water twenty times a day. Grrr.

I spent all day today driving all over creation. Not really though. Just seems that way. Went to boot camp at 6. Showered and made lunches. Went to school early so I could get book-binding instructions from Ryan's teacher. Home at 10 to take Mom to the auto shop to drop off her car. Back home for an hour or so. Then pick up Felisa. Then pick up the car. Then run errands. Michaels for the scrapook I needed to finish my last teacher gift but they didn't have it. To the jewelers to get new batteries in all my watches. To Blockbuster to get a birthday gift card and a movie to watch while I'm working this weekend on the teacher gift. While I was there picked up used copies of Bolt and Madagascar 2. Back to the watch shop to pick up my watches. Turns out one of them still isn't working which means it wasn't the battery so I'll have to take it back. Then to the library to pick up my book hold and to the dry cleaners and to the grocery store to buy milk. And cheesy pretzel bites because Felisa keeps eating them all. (And now Felisa, who has learned to read, is reading over my shoulder - grr - and telling me that really it's Bella who eats them all.) And then home to drop it all off and look up what time the birthday party starts. Not till 5. So if I hurry, I can run to AC Moore to look for the album I need before the kids get out of school. Off I go. Forgot to put away the milk so call home and leave a message asking Mom and Felisa to do it. Found the album and made it to school in time for pickup. Home to wrap the present. Take a little break while I look at the library book I picked up. Dream about having an organized house. Wake up and realize that ain't likely to EVER happen. (Mom offered to get me 4 hours of maid service for my birthday but Ron said no. Guess he likes living in a messy house. Guess that means I get dinner out instead while he watches the kids. Ha.) Drop Bella off at the party. Heat up leftovers for Ryan and Felisa to eat. Do some laundry. Veg out and avoid life. Almost forget to pick up Bella. Pick up Bella. Heat up more leftovers for her to eat. Do the dishes. Listen to Felisa read. Do more laundry. Tell the kids to be quiet about a million times. Put Bella's sheets in the wash. Come here to whine and complain about my poor pitiful self. (Did I mention the hormones?)

So another day gone and I didn't get any work done on the project that is nagging at me the most. The final teacher gift. Tomorrow's schedule is pretty full with Rocket Rodeo for Cub Scouts and Bella's last soccer game/party. Plus Ron and the kids will be home and I have a hard time focusing and being motivated to work when people are in the house. Apparently I have to be alone when I need to work. Not sure why. It's actually a pretty big hindrance because there are other people in the house a good portion of the time. So there, another example of my particular brand of CRAZY.

So let's review, shall we?

Stupid Dog. Irritated Arms. Older than Dirt. Tired (hormonal) Unmotivated Mommy. Crazy Mommy.

Umm. Yeah. Not sure where to stop either. So let's just call it a day, shall we?

Oh but first I forgot to mention... I picked up a Dr. Suess book at the library today that I had never heard of before. Something about I had a Lot of Trouble Getting to Solla Sollew. Basically the book was telling us, in fun Dr. Suess fashion of course, that the grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence and you cannot run away from your problems. How funny that I picked it up today AND read it today. Today when I am feeling like running away from (or hiding from) my "problems". I should listen to that Dr. Suess guy. He knows what he's talking about. I just need to buy a big bat and tomorrow my problems will have to start watching out for me!

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Scattered Mom said...

Aw, I hope things get better for you soon. :)

Maybe take a nice long bath with a cold drink, a bit of chocolate, and just relax for a bit. :)