Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 4

Day 4 – Thursday – June 24, 2010

0640 Felisa is up. Too early again! Of course I'm not really surprised since she fell asleep early last night. So I get up and go upstairs with her. Grandma is already up since she forgot to put the trash out last night.

Breakfast – coffee- shower

0940 Arrive at the town square. The book store doesn't open until 10 so we walk around the farmers market while we wait. We bought cinnamon rolls, beef sticks, bison sticks, grape jelly, and kettle corn. Couldn't buy anything else since we're on the road. We ate some of the kettle corn and cinnamon rolls while we wait.

At the book store, I dropped off some books for trade. The children's book selection was not bad for older kids but there wasn't really anything for Felisa. I found one book that I have been wanting to read but isn't available at the library (Your Money or Your Life). I think that I have enough trade credit to last a few years at this store. I don't really understand their system but oh well. Fewer books in my house is a good thing regardless. And maybe some kids here will be very happy to find the books we left.

Stop at Hyvee to buy milk and potato chips. There is a sign on the door that the grocery store is a wifi hotspot. I almost brought my computer to town just in case I found a hotspot but I didn't. I certainly wasn't expecting to find it at the grocery store either!

1100 Back at Grandma's and waiting for lunch. Chicken salad today – yum!

After lunch we watched more Game Show Network while we waited for Stacy to come by with Ben. Donna stopped by and so did Ron. Ron's not sure if Tegan will be around this evening or not to play.

Stacy came with Ben – such a cutie! I got my baby fix. So sweet!

Time for dinner…. This time the Asian Buffet. What is it about buffets in general and Chinese food in particular that incite us to eat soooooooo much more than we should? It was good and definitely filling!

After dinner we headed over to Ron and Naomi's to let the kids play with Tegan and Briley. They all had a great time. Uncle Randy came over with Dakota to visit for a few minutes too.

Finally, time to head back to Grandma's and get ready for bed. A little before-bed GSN and foot baths in the sink. Then, bed time!

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