Sunday, June 20, 2010


Ryan on roller coasters...

Ryan - "Whenever there is an ascent, there is also a descent."
Me - "So you mean what goes up, must come down?"
Ryan - "Yeah. And..."
(and he continues to stick with the ascent/descent theme for a while, completely disregarding my perfectly good cliche.)

Bella rode the Wildcat with Ryan while I sat out with Felisa (she's not tall enough). That Aerosmith ride at Disney with Ron must have made her tough enough to ride more rollercoasters.

Felisa went on a rollercoaster that went upside down! The Super Dooper Looper. The name implies and upside-down loop. But I didn't think she was big enough to ride a rollercoaster that goes upside down. Apparently, I was wrong! The line was super short so we rode twice in a row. Whee!

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Scattered Mom said...

Oooo fun! I'm a little terrified of roller coasters, especially the upside down ones. Has something to do with my first ride on a wooden coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain, and my safety bar coming undone.

Anyway. Disney coasters are my limit. You're brave!