Sunday, March 13, 2011

Socks for Sale!

So I cleaned out my sock drawer this morning... I was looking for a particular pair of socks and couldn't find it. My drawer has been overstuffed and annoying for awhile now (plus it won't close all the way because socks are lost in the back) and I decided that today was the day. Seize the moment! Darby, of course, was wondering why on earth I decided to do this now. After all, couldn't I see that he was positively wasting away? He had been waiting patiently while I showered (which took longer than usual since I was cleaning it a bit as well) and while I got dressed, but really... this was just too much for a dog to survive.

So it's done. A handful of socks to the trash, another large handful to the donation bin, a divider box to hopefully keep those crazy socks organized, and I even pulled the drawer out and rescued the lost socks who had fallen overboard. Oh and I did find the socks I was looking for - on the very bottom in the way back corner of the drawer. So, really, I couldn't have found them any other way!

(Oh and I did finally feed my poor, starving dog...)

On the agenda for today... a menu plan (?), a trip to the grocery store, more laundry (seriously - didn't I just do the laundry?! Where is it all coming from?), and more sorting and packing of photos and other stuff from the pantry room/black hole. Did you know we have a floor in that room? I know! Amazing!!!

Happy Spring Forward everyone!

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Scattered Mom said...

I love socks. I go through them like crazy, and my drawers are always overstuffed too. I should probably go through them!

The laundry...well I don't mind doing it, but putting it away is a different story. LOL. The piles are all over my bed while I'm killing time online.