Thursday, June 27, 2013

Day 2

Rained all night long. Bella's sleeping bag was soaked and Ryan's was pretty wet too. It's still raining so we shove all the wet stuff into every nook and cranny in the van and hit the road. Pick up coffee and breakfast in Weed. Sun is starting to come out so we get to see Mt Shasta after all. Drive to Bend. Lunch at Schlotsky's while Ron hits the laundromat around the corner to dry the sleeping bags.  A huge downpour soaks him even more as he's unloading the bag from the roof box. Meanwhile Ryan and Bella are outside the restaurant with Rocco, hiding under a tree. Yikes!  Luckily it didn't last long. After lunch we drove to Hood River. Mt. Hood never cleared off so didn't get to see that one. We did see Mt. Adam across the river though. Short stop to see Columbia River then off to the campsite while it was still dry and light. Dinner was spaghetti. Showers for me, Ron and Ryan (yay!). Stayed dry most of the night. Little rain at 4 am. A few really load trains passed by overnight. Campground was super close to the tracks. Overall much better camp night than Day 1.

P.s. I am using my phone for these summary updates as cell signal allows. Will post my usual play by play that I know you all love so much ;) eventually.

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