Sunday, June 30, 2013

Day 5

Another wet morning. A thunderstorm rolled through at about 5 a.m.  we stopped at the Diablo Lake overlook for some great pictures then continued east out of North Cascades National Park. Beautiful area. Stopped at Rainy Pass to hike out to Rainy Lake. Nice easy trail with plenty of snow for Rocco and the kids to stomp on. At the end of the trail a beautiful lake with mountains and waterfalls on the far side. Definitely worth the stop/walk. Attempted another self-portrait while we were there. Longer arms would've captured more scenery in the background. Stopped in Winthrop, WA for lunch. Super fun western town that we would love to come back to sometime to see more of it. Next stop Grand Coulee Dam. Whoa! A.Ma.Zing!!! I haven't seen water over a dam spillway since Hoover Dam in the 80s. Quite spectacular. Finally, just 4 short (ha!) hours later we have arrived at Schweitzer Mtn Ski Resort in northern Idaho. Ron found a great pet-friendly condo for the weekend. The kids and Rocco are all super excited to have a house again!  Dinner then showers for all and bedtime- in a bed! Yipppee!

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Eleanor Duffield said...

Glad I thought to check blog. We're getting mucho rain too. Bet you're glad to be North. High temps in SW are unbearable, according to news accounts. Glad Emelio and Lourna planned NJ trip.