Friday, July 05, 2013

Day 10

Up at 6:30 to take Rocco out. He still won't go! There are two elk wandering through town munching on trees and grass. Finally on his second walk Rocco produces. Bladder of steel on that dog!  By 8:40 we are back in the park. First stop Mammoth Hot Springs and the visitor's center. Busy but not too crazy yet. A small 4th of July parade kicks off at the lodge across the street. Next stop Norris Geyser Basin. A good chance to see lots of different geothermal features. It's getting hot and busy so we make a run for it. Decide to skip Old Faithful and head for campground on the south side of the park so we definitely have a spot. Arrive at campground at 1. Set up camp, eat lunch, check out the lake, and just relax for awhile. Ron took the girls down to swim. Ryan and I stayed back to read and Rocco stayed too. A crash of thunder brought the lake crew back to camp. At 5 we are headed back north to see Old Faithful. Arrive in time to see visitor center first. Then rain has caught up to us so we are wet while we wait for the eruption. Afterwards back to camp for dinner. Big beautiful rainbow over the park as we are driving. No rain while we cook and clean but the mosquitos are horrendous. Ron and I take Rocco to the lake to see the sunset then off to bed. A huge thunderstorm came through overnight. From 2:30 to 5ish. Yawn!

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