Friday, January 05, 2007

Life Would Be Boring...

I was just thinking how boring my life would be if I was organized. If I always know where everything is, I would miss out on the pure elation and the funky happy dances that I do when I find something that has been missing, something that I have been actively (and fruitlessly) searching for.

This time it is the roll of film that was in my camera on the first half of our Big Trip . I have been looking EVERYWHERE for those pictures! I was 99.9% sure I had gotten the film developed but couldn't find the envelope of pictures anywhere. I even stopped by Eckerd the other day on the off chance they were still sitting there waiting to be picked up. Highly unlikely since I developed all my trip pictures in August, but hey - I'm desperate!

I have been unable to start my scrapbook of the trip (my perfectionism rearing its ugly head again!) because I didn't have those pictures. I finally decided the other day that I could add a "Deleted Scenes" section to the end of the scrapbook when (and if) I ever found the missing pictures. Not my preferred way of doing things but oh well. I have a crop tomorrow - 8 hours of work time away from the distractions of home, and I didn't want to waste it. Hence, the deleted scenes solution. Forward progress could be made.

So here I am getting ready to go to the crop... loading my paper, looking through my memorabilia, and OH MY GOSH! Could it be?!? Alleluia! It IS the missing pictures! Woooooo Hooooooo! Happy Dances all through the house. Pure joy and elation! Life is good!

See... Life would be boring without that!

Ron found the missing stamps. You'll never guess where they were. On the counter. Where we store our stamps. I probably would have bought more stamps before I thought to look there. Good thing Ron decided to pay a few bills, an act which required stamps. Thank God for Ron. He keeps me out of the looney bin (admittedly, a VERY tough job!).

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