Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Absent-Minded Housewife

I am about as absent-minded as it comes today. Seems impossible to believe after my earlier post about being a perfectionist. Are you perhaps wondering to yourself now, exactly how many different personalities does that crazy lady have anyway?!? I sure am!

So far today I have started an empty clothes-dryer. I have misplaced my Christmas Card mailing labels (that's right folks, I still don't have even half of my cards out yet!). I have left a bag of garbage out for Bailey to eat. I have no idea where that bag of garbage came from exactly (it was on the counter last night and I was taking it out but apparently it never made it out of the house) but Bailey found it and made a huge mess in the living room.

The good news is that I did not lose any children this afternoon when we went out to run our 5 errands, though we did almost get run over a couple times in the grocery store/dry cleaners parking lot. That place is dangerous! (almost as dangerous as the inside of my head...)

Updated to add: 3 days later I still can't find the stamps I bought. But I guess since there is no mail service on Tuesday, that gives me an extra day to find them!

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