Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Order! I Want Order!

Add yesterday's marvelous gifts to the already out-of-control kid chaos here and help!!! I haven't figured out yet how to keep the toys picked up and put away. I need a combination of "just get it off the floor" which satisfies everyone but me and "everything must be sorted and put away in exactly the right place" which makes me happy. That makes it four against one though and then there's a sub-committee who believes strongly in "floor? what floor? I don't need to see it!" that just doesn't help at all. I feel like if I could just get the ground work in place, set up all those "exactly the right place" places, then it would be easier for us all to keep it put away better and thereby keeping the oldest two members of the household happy. But where do I find the time for the groundwork? Or the genius solutions? I mean, it took me two months to get a single set of shelves for Ryan's room stained and assembled. And to top it all off, I still need more shelf space in there. Or less stuff. But that's hard too. Ultimately I would like to have his room set up so that it can function as a better guest room (less cluttered and chaotic) and a little boy's room at the same time. And so that I don't have to shut the door everytime little guests come over because it is an unsafe, disorganized place. And one last complaint about that room... it used to be our overflow junk room (extra uniforms, wrapping paper collection, etc.). I have yet to find a good home elsewhere for all of that stuff.

Now today's projects: Go to the library (it was closed on Friday so we've had to wait 4 days to get our books! We won't talk about the 50 books we got for Christmas since none of them was Zack Files #30) and Clean up the Girls' Room so Ron can bunk the beds later. Since no one is regularly using the extra bed at this point, why not "store it" above the other bed? At this point, we can really use the extra floor space for toys, toys, and more toys. Not that you'll ever actually be able to see the floor...

Anyone have any great suggestions for keeping Barbie, My Little Ponies, baby dolls, and all of their accessories organized?

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