Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Another quote/Book Review

"Driving to my meeting, I pump milk. I do one side at a time so both hands are still on the wheel."

-from This Day in the Life

I have to admit, I have pumped in the car before. Several times, in fact. But I have NEVER pumped while driving. Yikes! And can you imagine what sort of looks you would get from other drivers?!?

I am just finishing up this book called This Day in the Life, Diaries From Women Across America (24 Hours of True Life Stories). Very interesting. Fun to glimpse into lives of other women. Interesting to see which ones I identified with and why. The diary from the lady serving on the Kearsarge brought back memories from the Navy. The 79-year old lady taking care of her sick husband. And little bits of lots of other ones.

A good, quick read. Broken up into 3-5 page diaries and excerpts so it it is easy to pick up and put down. That way I can read it responsibly rather than my usual method of reading a book, which involves allowing the world to collapse around me, incapable of stopping until I get to the end!

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