Saturday, June 16, 2007

Into the Trees... Twice!

Today was our first Rocket Rodeo with the Cub Scouts... Ron and Ryan put the rocket together this morning then we headed out to the launch site. It flew very high but then - oops! - the elastic connecting the nose cone section to the rest of the rocket detached from the main body and the body landed in a tree. Uh oh! The Den Leader said Ryan could launch one of his larger rockets so that he'd have another chance. This one flew even higher... stayed attached as designed... BUT also headed straight into the tree. What are the chances that the only two rockets to land in the tree today were Ryan's lauches?!?!

I was proud though of what a good sport he was about it. And luckily Mr. Kohls wasn't mad either when we gave him the news.

Better luck next year I hope...

And in other news - only two weeks until we head out on our Big Trip, Volume 2. Can I say that I'm not sure if I'll be ready in time? Oh and did I mention- I am also teaching the preschool VBS class this year so I have all that prepwork to do as well.

Guess I'd better get busy, eh?!

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