Sunday, June 17, 2007

Wisdom for Father's Day

Since Fathers are supposed to be wise I will go ahead and share a little of my own wisdom in honor of the occasion... (it's not as good as fatherly wisdom but oh well!)

Lessons I Have Learned Today:
1. You cannot make whipped cream out of half-n-half. No matter how long you stand with the mixer mixing. You can make very bubbly half-n-half though.

2. Butter cannot be unmade. Remember in science class when you learn about the 3 states of matter (liquid, gas, solid) and you turn water from ice to water to steam and back again? Well, that doesn't work with butter. Have you figured out the connection between the first and second lesson yet? Half-n-half doesn't have enough cream in it. So why not add butter - that's made out of cream right? We didn't try melted butter so maybe it would've worked that way but we do know that softened butter just turns into milk covered not-as-soft-as-it-started butter.

3. Crepes are a lot more work than pancakes (and make more dirty dishes - see #4 below) but they certainly are tasty!

4. You will never get caught up on your dishes if you cook a feast for EVERY meal. Especially if you start out a full dishwasher load behind.

5a. Father's Day and Mother's Day are not the same.
5b. Life is not fair.
5c. Once married, a husband will never send another card of any type, except a birthday card for his wife. So my apologies to all the fathers that didn't receive their cards on time... :)

6. First graders do not make Father's Day gifts or cards in school.

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