Saturday, June 30, 2007

Trekking across Tennessee

Big Trip 2... Day 2... June 30, 2007

0718 Awake.

0839 Ron is full of it this morning... tried to shut my head in the automatic sliding door but I'm too fast for him.

0840 Loaded and ready.

0844 GPS is started... we're on the way!

0851 Radio check... God and Guns. We must be in the South.

0853 Crunch, crunch. Oh look - Felisa is eating potato chips for breakfast. Guess that's what vacations are for.

0924 Tennessee is very scenic (at least so far). Lots of trees like VA but with mountains! The map is showing a lot of lakes and rivers too. Maybe we should come back again some time!

0945 Ron asks me "Is it movie time yet?" Guess he doesn't like no-movies-first-hour rule!

0953 Kids are watching Night At The Museum and the museum curator says "Control your young". Glad to see I'm not the only one who ever says "Stop that. Come here. Quit doing that."

1104 Going in circles searching for a place to park at the state capitol building in Nashville.

1113 - We are at the Capitol Park - this is pretty cool. There is a fountain and a big map of TN on the sidewalk. Ron says Ryan beat him up the hill to the Capitol building. The girls and I were dipping our feet in the fountain.

1154 Looking for the highway

1109 My cell phone says it is 1109 so I guess we have crossed the time zone line already somewhere along the way. I like gaining an hour on the road but don't like having to give it back on the way home.

1115 JACK IN THE BOX!!! Woo Hoo!

1134 Finally, after 3 tries, we have found a gas pump that works and we're back on the road. 187 miles to go.

1144 Drip ketchup on my shirt. I thought it was the Carls Jr. commercials where the burger drips all over you, not the Jack in the Box commercials. I'm a mess.

1152 I think this seatbelt is rubbing a hole in my neck. Ouch!

1153 Argue with Felisa over whether or not she is done and who is going to hold the chicken nugget. She keeps giving it to me but then says she isn't done. I tell her that if she isn't done eating then she needs to hold it herself.

1157 My turn to drive.

2:20 p.m. Memphis...

2:30 p.m. Arrive at Ruthlings house. Have a mini discussion about cost of living in different areas. Melissa's cell phone has been lost since a sudden stop along the highway. We both looked but couldn't find it. Ron went out to search and found it in the tissue box. Of course. Don't know why we didn't look for it in there?!

Spend the afternoon relaxing on the back porch, catching up, and watching the rain. The kids were supposed to go swimming but end up playing upstairs instead. Ryan managed to get a good 2 hours on the playstation with Logan. That's why we don't have one - I'd never be able to get him away from it. Got a text message from Shani - the airlines lost all their luggage. Bummer! Makes me want to not fly especially now that Elena's family's luggage was lost AND Shani's. I have bad enough luck that mine would definitely get lost!

Rain finally stops so the kids get an evening swim before bed. They are loving the backyard pool!

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