Tuesday, February 26, 2008

"Go tell mommy. I'm not the boss."

Yeah, right. If only that were true... Felisa and Corey are playing. Corey bumped his chin on something. He told Felisa, "I hurt myself." Her oh so helpful reply is above. I find it particularly funny that she said that since she loves nothing more than finding someone to boss around, someone who will do her every bidding. I'm not the boss? Since when?! She had her birthday playdate with Melissa on Sunday. They played at Melissa's for awhile, baked cookies, etc. then came home to recruit more bodies to play hide-and-seek. The other kids weren't home so they played Candyland instead. When I passed through the living room, Felisa was telling Melissa every step of the way. Do this, do that, say this, let's go here... and so on and so forth. She's cute though so it's hard to resist her direction.

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