Thursday, March 06, 2008

Note to Self... USE the Calendar!

As I have discussed here many times before... my mind is a sieve. I can't remember much of anything anymore. Couple that with the parallel tracks my memory often runs on (planning for two conflicting events simultaneously without realizing they are supposed to happen at the exact same time!) and my tendencies to be less than productive many days each month and you have a recipe for potential disaster.

Well, perhaps disaster is a bit strong. Problem would be an appropriate, less exaggerated, prediction I think.

First the background... One of my self-improvement, "this time it will be different" goals for this year has been to stay faithful to my calendar and list-making. I do really well for a couple weeks, then I get lazy or distracted or whatever and I get away from using the calendar and/or following my to-do lists. In general I would say that I am doing better this year. Unfortunately I still have a long way to go!

More background... We tend to hibernate in the winter. We don't shut down entirely, but the kids are signed up for fewer activities. This winter was less of a hibernation than last summer but overall there is still less going on than in the spring and fall.

I signed the kids up for swimming lessons about a month ago. In my mind, I had signed them up to start in April. In actuality, I had signed them up to start Monday (as in 3 days ago). I bet you can see where this is heading, can't you?! So anyway, the calendar is starting to fill up. Activity levels are increasing. I've been off the calendar wagon again so today was the day that I climbed back on once more. Today was the day that I decided to go ahead and mark the swimming lessons on the calendar (along with a host of other activities we have received notices for lately). Too bad Monday was the day classes actually started. (Insert Homer Simpson "Doh!" here). Oh well... at least they only missed one class! It could've been much, much worse...

If only I could stop falling off the calendar/to-do list bandwagon. It's really starting to hurt!


mapiprincesa! said...


Oh, geez. Hate it sooooo much when that happens.

I know you feel like you are the only one, but you are not. Be easy on yourself...and your busy-ness can begin next week!

Scattered Mom said...


I live by my calendar and feel sorta naked without it, really. People talk about their life being on a Blackberry, and mine is on a pretty Utah calendar on my fridge. It has the menu for the week, when Jake gets allowance, meetings, reminders, school schedules, appointments, you name it.

I usually look at it when I get my breakfast. You could try making yourself look at it when you do something that you never miss (like breakfast, doing dishes) and that might make it easier.

But hey-that doesn't mean I haven't forgotten swim lessons too.