Friday, March 28, 2008

An Exhibit In the Zoo

I was an exhibit in the zoo today... Scrapbookerus Femalus.

At a 3-day crop at a local hotel... our original reservation in the ballroom was preempted for some reason and the vendors are once again located in the "Promenade" which is a fancy way of saying large hallway with lots of noisy people walking through. Most of them (a men's prayer group and a teen leadership conference) have never seen a scrapbook event and so proceeded to stare at us. I already have issues with people looking at me so hundreds of them in an afternoon was a little nerve-fraying.

I'm hoping tomorrow will be a little quieter on the "Promenade".


mapiprincesa! said...

So, how did it go today? Hopefully well! I understand soooo well that feeling of being a zoo animal. Ugh..

Scattered Mom said...

That would be very un-nerving. :P

It would be tempting to put up a sign describing what sort of animal you were, you know, like at the zoo for real?