Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Neuroses

Mama Llama tagged me for a meme... challenged me to open myself to scrutiny and come clean... admit once and for all that I am, in fact, not normal.

Really? She must not know me for I am as crazy as they come! :)

I have been pondering this challenge in the back of my mind for close to a week now. As unbelievable as it seems, at first I could think of nothing. Maybe she's wrong. Maybe we're both wrong. I have nothing weird to tell about myself. But as time passed and I continued to think about it, more and more of my neuroses came back to me. Things I usually try to ignore. Things that I will now share with you...

1. I don't like to be late to the movies. I want to be in my seat with my popcorn or nachos and soda at least 5 minutes before the previews start. I can't help it. That's just the way I am. Ron and I went to see Forgetting Sarah Marshall this weekend - our first movie at the theater in quite awhile - and we were going to be late (in my opinion) and I was fussing about it. Turns out we made it before the previews started. Phew!

2. I don't like loud noises. We went to a local outdoor concert last Friday - Mama Llama and other friends love it but this was my first time actually making it to a concert. My very first thought as I opened the car door, at least a block away from the concert, was Wow! That is really loud! It didn't get any quieter. I'm pretty sure I won't be going to another concert here. The only reason I am going is to hang out with my friends but I ended up not enjoying myself. I'd rather spend time with my friends somewhere quieter. I resisted sitting at the bar at the local favorite restaurant for quite awhile because it was so loud and hard to talk. I have since become a convert but the noise at the bar is nothing compared to the noise from the concert.

3. Not a fan of crowds... Nope. Hate 'em in fact.

4. Fireworks make me nervous. There have been a few minor incidents in my past. Plus... fireworks are loud. Those really loud bright white boomers - hate them! They give me a tummy ache. Interestingly enough, those are Ron's favorite type. I love the lights of the fireworks though. Just hate the sound. Oh and I believe in professional fireworks only - no home shows and definitely no kids touching them in any way shape or form.

5. Like Mama Llama - I love to stare into the flames. I was once caught red-handed by my mom lighting fires with my brother in the backyard. As I child I thought I was being oh so careful - after all, I was using a cement paving stone as a base to prevent the fire from spreading. As an adult I can see why Mom was upset... I was playing with matches (big no no!) and I was lighting fires less than 5 feet from the house in the middle of our very dead, very dry grass (did I mention we lived in the desert?!) Oops!

6. I don't like it when people are near me while I'm working. Any task - cleaning the house, working online, whatever. I think that they are watching me and judging me and deciding that I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing and I'm doing it all wrong and I'm such a failure. Can you say self-esteem issues?!?

7. I have recurring dreams that I call "911 Dreams". The location and the situation vary from time to time but in all of them I am trying to call 9-1-1 and for whatever reason can't get through. Dream analysis anyone?

8. I don't like wind. Or other repetitive, out of my control noises. Like our new dog. Who licks and licks and licks and licks incessantly. Or like Felisa who at this very minute is sitting next to me whispering "scooby scooby scooby" over and over and over again. AAAAHHHHHH!!!! Kill me now!

9. My aunt used to call me Bony Butt when I was younger. Alas, those days are long past.

10. I don't like to be told what to do. Or what I cannot do. Stubborn I believe it is called. And yet I am a firm believer in rules. As in Every One MUST Follow ALL Rules At ALL Times NO Exceptions!!!

And now I have drawn a blank. The neuroses are endless really... too bad I can't remember any more right now. Lucky for you though so you don't have to read any more. And I suppose technically I have met my 10 item list requirement though I am not going to tag anyone since I think my only readers (other than Ron, my quality control) is Mama Llama and Scattered Mom.


zirelda said...

I hate gum popping. Especially if I'm supposed to be concentrating on something, like jury duty or in training. That sound will absolutely incite me to....

well never mind. It's nice to meet you. Cool you went to high school in Springs. I like the way you write.

Scattered Mom said...

Hey! I was reading that and thinking...hmmm...that sounds like a fun meme, wonder if she'd mind if I do it...and then get to the end where you tagged me, lolol!

That didn't show up on my Technorati?

Anyway, thanks! It's nice to see that I'm not the only one. You'll see that my neurosis are pretty similar. :) I'll do mine right away!