Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Where did my week go?

Has anyone seen it? I had it right here earlier... An entire week, full of time and possibility and a list 5 miles long of things to be done with all that time? I seem to have misplaced it somewhere because OMG it's, like, Wednesday night which means that tomorrow is Thursday and then it's Friday. Which means that the day after that is Saturday! I'm not ready for Saturday! And I'm pretty sure the next two days will not be nearly enough time to do everything on that list and prepare for Saturday. Seriously... where did my week go?!? I want it back! Now!

In other news...
I ventured out to Walmart today. Ick. But I did find two new t-shirts that I will hopefully still like after wearing them a few times. And I bought a large bag of the new Indiana Jones mint crisp M&Ms. I'm thinking I should've bought a case rather than merely a single bag. They taste like mini thin mint cookies. yummmmmmmmm! I also found some ric-rac for my class on Saturday. Not the size I wanted but better than nothing. And they didn't really have anything else I needed to so I went to Michaels (withOUT a coupon -gasp!) and bought more brads and gluedots. And a keychain hook so that I can help Felisa make a dinosaur for Adam to hang from his lunchbox (since Felisa has a princess charm hanging from her lunchbox). Every Monday when I pick up Felisa from lunch bunch he asks me again. Maybe next week we'll get it done. I had considered it for this afternoon but obviously promplty forgot again.

Ron's housekey is still missing. I called his dad to see if he had taken it to the beach and he said no. Which brings us back to square one. Key - lost.

Bella didn't like her dinner and put on a big show of tears for Grandma D. so she could get sympathy. I told her that I appreciated the fact that she tasted it but that she is old enough to go without dinner if she decides not to eat it. It's not like she's going to starve to death. She ate bacon at Melissa's house earlier this evening and she's now had a bedtime snack as well.

Felisa was having a major meltdown over not getting to see Melissa today. Her date is scheduled for next Wednesday. Poor Melissa is spread pretty thin these days now that she has access to her birth family and my kids wanting to spend time with her and all of that end-of-senior-year social life stuff to do. I bet she's wondering where her week went as well. Hmmm... maybe they ran off together!

I'm behind on laundry. Lana was here two weeks ago and washed/dried/folded every last bit of laundry. Then Lourna was here last week and did some laundry too. Yet here I sit in pretty much the same place I was two weeks ago - dreadfully behind. I did finally get the bathroom rugs washed and hung out to dry though. Had to wait for the rain to stop first...

I planted a bit in my garden this afternoon. I need to get my seeds out and plant green beans and a few other things. I also need to put the rest of my plants in that I bought. Maybe I should do some planting in my spare time.

We're almost out of milk. I was going to go to the grocery store and the dry cleaners today. Obviously that didn't happen either! Maybe tomorrow in my other spare time.

I'm not sure my paper order is going to arrive in time for my crop class this weekend. I really hope it does. I also think I need to go back to Michaels (or maybe AC Moore but that is farther away) and buy some black and white paper. Maybe I should check how much I have. In my spare time. Then in my other spare time I can go shopping for more.

Our neighbor Clint had to go to the hospital this afternoon with chest pains so Zoe had some extra time here. She even almost got to have a sleepover but Nesli came to pick her up just after I put them all in bed. Maybe she'll get another chance for a sleepover later this month or next. She and Ryan had been discussing the idea the other day. I of course am glad to help but suspect a few minutes of my spare time may have disappeared into this situation.

Friday morning I will be working for Ms Barnes. She already warned me she has a lot for me to do. How fast can operate that copy machine?!

Alright... time to go eat my fish tacos that Ron brought me from Baja Fresh and then collapse. Should I check my email first? Visit a few blogs? Not sure. But I will finish my bowl of mint crisp M&Ms!

Oh and if you see my week will you please send it back to me? Thanks!


mapiprincesa! said...

Um...oh, rats. So no Buckies date for tomorrow before Tie-dying my life away.


Oh, I already said that. You will be missed. Good luck this weekend, and PLEASE let me know what I can do to make any connections at all easier on Saturday.

Scattered Mom said...

Mint crisp M&Ms? Those sound GOOD. I wonder if they are available in Canada.

Sounds like you had a busy week! It's now Friday and all I can think of is the stuff I need to do too, like help Jake get a giant project together, shop for groceries, clean the house, laundry, etc.

Ug. Friday. Time for chocolate and a nap, I think.