Monday, May 12, 2008

squish squish squish

Just got back from dumping the compost... The grass/ground squish, squish, squished as I walked across it. We have set a local record with 7.75" of rain in 5 days. Just yesterday Mom and Lourna were talking about how the rain is different here. In the west, it rains for about 20-30 minutes then blows over. Here it rains and rains - for days on end sometimes. As if someone turned on the rain faucet then forgot to turn it off again. Forrest Gump was on last night. I had to laugh at the Vietnam scene where Forrest is telling about how it started to rain one day and just kept raining continuously for four months until all of a sudden one day, someone turned off the rain.

I sure hope someone turns off the rain soon!

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mapiprincesa! said...

Wow...from ABC I heard lowest rainfall totals for the 4 days were at least 9 inches. much rain. Everyone yesterday was saying that, if they wanted to live in Seattle they'd move there...

Well, it doesn't rain like that there. I've only experienced rain like that either here, down South, or in the tropics!