Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 22

Day 22 – Monday – July 12, 2010

0815 Wake up. Looks like we slept in again today!

Breakfast this morning was Monkey Bread. When we came to the table, Bella said, “I knew it smelled like Christmas!”

After breakfast we drove to Fredericksburg to see the Museum of the Pacific War. We went through the WWII Pacific Island exhibit only. Our favorite parts:

Ryan – the re-enactment area Camp Tarawa

Bella – the PT Boat

Felisa – the hospital in the Quonset hut

Sheila – how authentic it smelled (the airplane display smelled just like a flight deck and the PT boat smelled just like a Navy ship)

After the museum we stopped at HEB to pick up a few groceries. Unfortunately we were having bad checkout-line luck today. We finally made it through in our 3rd line. This stop definitely took longer than we anticipated.

Once back at the ranch, it was lunchtime. After lunch we finally finished our game of Phase 10. Who won? Me! I won! I won! I won! Yippee! Yahoo!

After our card game we took the kids to the pool so they could swim for a bit before dinner.

After swimming, back to the house for dinner with Grandpa and Evelyn.

After dinner, I took the kids out to feed the animals. Mostly sheep tonight with a few deer. The cows down the street weren’t interested at all in our “salad bar” and deer pellets.

Finally, some time spent online trying to figure out our plan for tomorrow. We’re headed for Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas as a stopover on the way to Memphis.

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