Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Age of the Telephone

Apparently 10 is the age when you start talking on the phone to your friends...

So Ryan was talking to Owen earlier today. He hasn't seen or spoken to him since before we left on our trip.

The beginning of the conversation...

Ryan: "Hi Owen, how are you?"
-very brief pause-
Ryan: "Banana"

That just cracks me up with how random it is!


Scattered Mom said...

omg they are too funny! Jake used to talk on the phone but then he discovered Skype, and that's all they use.

Scattered Mom said...

Oh and I need to add-even though Hubs and I have a motorcycle now, we won't be visiting Sturgis during the rally. Ever. I can't even imagine the crowds! And the cost!

The Howard Johnson in Rapid city was about $130 a night during 4th of July weekend. It was okay, but we want to try something different.