Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 25

Day 25 – Thursday – July 15, 2010


Hanging out at the house today… the girls are playing Polly Pocket and Ryan is trying to find something to do (Logan is away at Tennis camp). Darcy and Fritz and I are talking.


Swim time

Merryn has swim practice.


Logan comes home. Everyone is super happy to see each other.

Time for movies. The girls watch one movie (Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs) while the boys watch another (Pink Panther). The grown-ups hang out, looking at my scrapbooks and talking.

And then… another day done… bedtime.

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Scattered Mom said...

Your trip sounds like fun! We just got home (as in, a few hours ago). SO nice to be back to our house, but the trip was so much fun, too.

And guess what? I'm locked out of twitter.