Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Bargains (or not!)

So, when is a bargain, not really such a bargain? Let me tell you...

We bought a frame many years ago at Marshalls. Or Ross. Or TJMaxx. I'm not sure which and I didn't really look at the price tag yesterday before I finally attempted to remove it. And since we bought it there, it must have been a good deal, right?

So said frame has been sitting around our house for who knows how long now, tucked in random corners here and there just waiting... After Felisa was born (or maybe when I was still pregnant), I decided that this frame (a long skinny one with 3 openings in the mat) would be a perfect place to put the cute baby pictures I have. All of the kids, at the hospital, with their hands in their mouths/around their faces. Basically identical poses. How perfect would that be?!?

Being the perfectionist that I am, I couldn't hang the frame until I had all 3 pictures. And being the frazzled mom that I am, I didn't have a black and white 5x7 of Felisa in the requisit pose.

Yesterday, in a moment of inspiration (or perhaps insanity!) I decided that since I did have two of the pictures, I could get at least those two into the frame, get the frame on the wall, and put away the frames that the pictures were currently residing in. Progress!

45 minutes later... There has been much cursing and muttering. Apparently leaving the price tag (which, by the way, there should be a law prohibiting price tag placement on the picture frame glass!) on for several years is a very bad idea. Because it was NOT coming off. Vinegar. Rubbing alcohol. Razor blades. Did I mention curses? Nothing was working. Where is the lighter fluid when you need it?!? (Ron later informed me that the adhesive remover in the laundry room downstairs probably would have worked. Sure. But where was it when I needed it?) I just about bled trying to pry back the little metal prongs holding the backing in place. And those miniature nails that hold the hangar on? Don't even get me started! Another part of the price tag law above could be that all frames must come with the hangar already on, not just included. I'm pretty sure factory robots are more adept at attaching them than I am!

But... the pictures are in the frame. The frame is on the wall. All is well until Felisa discovers that it is her picture that hasn't been included. Uh oh. So Ron and I spent another 30 minutes or so looking for, printing, and mounting a picture of Felisa. And, at long last, the project is done! I can admire my identical triplet babies all together forever!

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mapiprincesa said...

1. Should have called me. Goo Gone would have come to the rescue.
2. Picture frame for three. Is that one of God's messages?