Wednesday, November 08, 2006

More Thoughts on "The Leg" from Betty Lou

As you can see, the Mystery Of The Leg has been solved. Of course,
there are more questions than answers now.....was the leg attached to someone
who was in the back of the truck and it shook off? If not, why was the leg
in the back of the truck while driving lessons were given? Did the person
learning to drive think he only needed his right leg & foot for the brake
and gas, so took off the left leg and put it in the back to keep it out of the
way? And...since there was a 12 pack of beer, how much alcohol was
involved in this driving lesson? Was it a lesson on how to
drive one-legged while drunk? If he takes up driving one-legged and drunk
as a habit and would get stopped by the cops, when he has to get out of the car
for a sobriety test and falls on his face, he could claim he fell because
he was one-legged and not because he was drunk. I think the story could go
on and on.

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mapiprincesa said...

What a great soap opera. You should present it to the big TV networks and easily have a first season of some strange off-the wall series...