Friday, November 24, 2006

Can I be your servant?

Those are words you don't necessarily want to hear your baby girl saying. Bella and Felisa have taken a renewed interest in the "Princess Collection" - the magnetic wooden "paper dolls". We have a single doll with princess clothes as well as a two-doll pack with regular clothes. The Princess doll had disappeared for several months but was recently unearthed. Of course the Princess doll is the favorite because there is only one doll and there are two girls who want to play with her. Oh and the fancy princess dresses and crowns may also play a part in the favoritism!

Even though Felisa offering to be a servant is a little unsettling on the surface, when you look deeper it is a good thing. The servant's job is to pick out the clothes that the princess requests. The fact that they know this means they have been paying attention to Cinderella, retaining information, processing it, and adapting it to their own needs. It also means that they have figured out a way to play peacefully and happily together with the one princess doll. That alone is worth millions to this mother who hates fighting, disagreements, and discontent!

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