Thursday, March 08, 2007

It can't be helped

I saw this in a post over at Frugal Veggie Mama and thought I should share it here... A more grown-up version of my teen attitude "Oh well" and a good mantra to keep in mind.

Last week at yoga, I said, "Hi Barbara, how are you?" to the owner of the
yoga studio. She responded that, "Not well, actually." When I said, "I'm sorry
to hear that." She responded, "It can't be helped." Later in the evening I
overheard her say, "Next week will be better."

It can't be helped. And next [week] will be better. Good positive thinking without getting all riled up. Fits me I think. Now I just need to remember it and remind myself from time to time. Because it couldn't be helped and it is better today. And I'm sure next time won't be any different.

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