Saturday, March 31, 2007

Tire Changing 102

I would call it tire changing 101 but this is my second time changing a tire. The first time was a long, hot, drawn-out affair on a tiny gravel mountain road at Girl Scout Camp with my Dad's old Ford pick-up truck. The parts were big, heavy, and rusted into place. I never did get it all the way done on my own. The ranch manager drove up to help after a few hours and said that it was hard - even for him. So maybe I could've done it myself if it had happened on a different car or in a different place, somewhere more conducive to changing a tire.

I will admit right up front... I didn't change the tire this time either. I did even less of the work myself. Grandpa Racinez is here so he did most of it. I was out there though... in my pajamas and jacket reading the instruction book and offering advice and second opinions. Turns out we had picked up a nail. Probably from all the house demolition on our street. The good news is that we were home when it happened. And since the car is much newer (only 2 years old!) the parts weren't rusted into place. And the tools were smaller and therefore easier to handle as well.

So 4 hours start to finish, including having the tire repaired. Grandpa does good work. (And I do a great job reading the instructions!) I'm sure I could do it myself if I ever had to.

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