Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Do you know your states?

I found a link to this site which asks you to list all 50 states in ten minutes. Spelled correctly. You can list them in any order and your answers will automatically be arranged alphabetically.

The good news for this Wednesday morning... I DID IT! Woo-hoo! Such a sense of accomplishment. I almost feel silly about how excited I was to successfully list all 50 states. State capitols would be a different case entirely though, I must admit. I got a little nervous when I had only 5 1/2 minutes left and 3 states left. I went in order around the country so my input list was in a different order than the alphabetical answers list. I tried not to panic and just think it out. After all, I wasn't being graded and if I didn't pass the "test" no one would ever know. Turns out I left a big whole where Tennessee, Kentucky, and Mississippi are. But... I found them (in my head) with 4:46 seconds to spare.

I'm so smart. Or not... :)

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