Wednesday, April 18, 2007

We interrupt our regularly scheduled program to say...

I'm sick AGAIN. Enough already for cryin' out loud! Nothing too horrible this time, just a head cold but still. I'm the one who doesn't usually get sick yet I've been sick at least once/month since December. This is April. Which makes that 5 different illnesses this winter. Technically it's spring but you can't tell by the weather forecast! Cloudy and cold. And rainy. And cold. And cloudy and cold. Blah! Supposed to be better by Friday though... yippee!

Ron's parents were here for Easter/Spring Break. I definitely recommend importing Grandparent Entertainment Power for week-long school breaks. I certainly would have gone crazy had I been stuck here with my children all alone all day every day for a week. That's the stuff of horror movies I tell ya!

Ryan had his first soccer game last weekend. Awesome! He played well. He ran hard. He got right back up after each and every fall. He even took a soccer ball to the face - OUCH! A bit of a bloody nose and a short time-out then he was right back out there. Can't tell you how proud I am of him. Yea Ryan!

I completed multiple scrapbook pages this week... yea, me! I went to a friend's house on Monday afternoon. The kids played and we worked on our books for a couple hours. Then today I did about 3 more pages from way back in 2002... so much for that goal of more than one-year's worth of pages completed each year. It has now been almost 2 years since I started working on my 2oo2 photos. I'm on September. Ay yi yi... at this rate, I'll never get caught up!

And that's it for now. I'm in the middle of a page but I can't finish because everytime I go down to work on it, Felisa follows me and gets all in the middle of everything. Oh well... maybe tomorrow. Since it's almost 7 p.m. and I have to bathe the children tonight and do laundry so I can pack Felisa's bag tomorrow (she's going on vacation to NM with Daddy!) and I'm still congested, I just know I won't make it back down to my office tonight.

And that's all I have for you today...

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