Thursday, April 26, 2007

Psychological Trauma... one possible answer to the mess!

Well... I decided one possible answer is... you clean it or I clean it. And when I clean it, it's going in the trash. Bella said no. Felisa said yes. Poor Ryan got caught in the middle. He didn't actually make much of the current mess so I wasn't forcing him to join the clean-up. He did go down to the basement in a heart-breaking, screaming, crying fit when I headed to the front door with a box full of Little People. Poor guy. He doesn't even hardly play with them but yet he didn't want me to throw them away. Felisa started to sing a different tune also when I got to the door. Oh, you mean throw them away... I thought you just meant I don't have to clean up 'cuz you're gonna do it for me. After all, they Hate to clean up and they're Too Tired to clean up. Yet they are never too tired to make a big mess of course.

So I admit... I caused psychological trauma to my children today. Too bad the ones it was meant for didn't feel it as much as the innocent bystander...

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mapiprincesa said...

soooo...does this mean they're in the trash for good or are they up for freecycle?!?!?! jajaja