Thursday, September 13, 2007

Little Mama

After yesterday's crazy hectic schedule of school and after-school activities, today's easy pace is especially welcome. I'm still feeling a bit under the weather but better. I got to sleep in until 7:30ish. Ron gave the big kids breakfast. I picked a suit for Ron and packed lunches for Ryan and Bella and then nothing else. No exercise, no shower, no taking anyone to school (R and B have a ride in the mornings). I have nowhere that I MUST go until 3:00 when I pick up the big kids. And it's great!

Felisa has been playing with her baby doll this morning. She changed the baby from her pajamas to her clothes. She played a game with her baby - she strung up the barrel of monkeys (hanging from my finger of course because there is nowhere else in the house to hang them from) then let the baby knock them down. Then she gave the baby her teddy bear and played some music so she could go to sleep. I was babysitting with the baby asleep on my calf while I folded laundry but then Felisa decided the baby doesn't like to sleep on pokey legs (did I mention no shower today?!?). So she moved her to the pillow and shushed me multiple times (I guess I was folding too loudly). Then after the baby slept on my pillow for a few minutes she moved her to the baby's crib. Unfortunately the baby was crying when she woke up from her nap because Mommy Felisa was gone. They played a little more while I made some breakfast for myself. I called Felisa down to have some eggs with me. She came with the baby and told me she would have to eat with only one hand as she was holding baby in the other arm and the baby doesn't like to be dropped. I have to agree that in my experience, babies do not like to be dropped. And then... when she was done eating, as she was getting up from the table, the baby knocked over her water cup and made a big mess. I have to agree once more... in my experience, babies make a lot of messes!

Isn't it amazing how many universal truths there are to being a mommy? And so far, it looks like Felisa will be a great one.


In other news...

A reportedly very annoying (according to Bella) little boy cut Bella's hair during math yesterday. The teacher called to report the incident and told me that she handled it very well. I'm glad. And of course Bella has so much hair, you can't even tell. Unlike when Felisa cut her own hair a few months ago.

Ryan's soccer coaches are working them hard in practice. Or maybe he was extra tired because of his cold. He has some good coaches this season and lots of friends on his team so we're all happy about that.

Bella got to use pom poms at cheer practice yesterday. Raising that cuteness quotient even higher! First home game is in a week and a half.

I made my kids (and myself) sit out in the hallway (on the cold, hard linoleum floor) to chow down our McD's dinner while Bella was in the gym cheering. The sign clearly says "No food or drink in the Gym - Water Only". Next time we'll probably just eat in the car after we drop her off - more comfortable. But anyway, after we ate, we moved into the gym so we could be more comfortable (a carpeted floor!) and so we could watch practice. Another family came in with burritos, spread a blanket (they get points for being careful), and started chowing down. I was a little annoyed that they weren't following the rules (you know me - I love people following rules!) but didn't say anything (you know me - avoid confrontation at all costs!). Happily, the coach came over and told them they couldn't eat in the gym because we would lose our practice space if caught. So there.

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