Sunday, September 09, 2007

A Trip to the Carnival

We went to the carnival last night. Splurged on the 50-ticket sheet that cost $40. I thought it would be nice for the whole family to ride the ferris wheel, and at 4 tickets a person, that was 20 tickets right there.

*We rode the ferris wheel for 30 minutes (yes, I checked my watch). About 10 minutes of the actual continuously spinning ride and the rest of the time loading/unloading passengers, two gondolas at a time.
*None of us was too big or too small to ride.

*We rode the ferris wheel for 30 minutes. 20 would have been plenty.
*There was a four passenger per gondola limit so we had to split up and couldn't ride together as a family.

So was it worth almost $20 to ride the ferris wheel? I think so. It was the first time for all of the kids. There was a nice breeze and it was fun to look down over the park and the people below. Of course, it may not be worth $20 to do it again next year. We may try the "ride all night for $20" night next year. Three kids times $20 is $60. Which seems like a lot. But we ended up spending almost that much anyway if you add in the snacks and the attempts to win a goldfish. And the kids only had 3 rides each other than the ferris wheel. If it was ride all night, they could go through the mirrored fun house to their hearts content. Although it wouldn't be cost effective for Felisa to go on the $20 night since she's only tall enough for about 2 of the rides. Do you think she'll be 42" by next fall? Probably not.

All said and done, it was a nice couple of hours. It was pure torture to watch Felisa eating her melting ice cream cone. I wanted so bad to just lick it a few times to stop the drips. But I didn't. I did eat a couple of Ron's nachos though... those were borderline forbidden foods unlike the death-on-a-cone ice cream. Or should it be life-on-a-cone since it would feed the yeastie beasties and let them live to see another day?!


mapiprincesa! said...

We got over there yesterday at around 2:30 after swimming and stayed for about an hour, did the $27 dollar sheet of 30 and yes, of course, did the Ferris Wheel. Kana also started in, after the "newness" was done, with "When can we get OFF?" That's when I explained the bonus system...getting to ride the ride longer means you get more bang for your, um, tickets. I talked to a couple of the men working at the festival...they are all Mexicans from Veracruz. Then they'd give Kana more time in the bouncer!

Cheryl Wray said...

I would have been absolutely going stir crazyon a ferris wheel for 30 minutes! But of course, getting me on the ferris wheel to begin with would have been a major undertaking. Since I'm petrified of heights!!! :-)
The best part of the carnival is all the good food. Did you have a funnel cake? yumm...