Saturday, January 26, 2008

Dora Lives!

Dora Bingo has been resurrected! Yea kids! Boo me!

Yesterday afternoon I went up to the very big plastic bin to look for our state quarters map. We were about 2 years behind in adding the quarters and I decided that yesterday was the day to finally get caught up. Luckily I still remembered where the missing map had been stashed about 2 years ago when we first started moving furniture/pictures in the kids' rooms. So... quarter map out. Stashed quarter collection out. Map fixed! We're only missing two now - Wyoming and Nevada I think.

While looking in the ginormous bin I also found... Dora Bingo! The very loud game that my girls love but that I hate because it's just soooooo loud! The girls were looking for it several months ago and I couldn't find it. I figured I must have donated it to Purple Heart since it was nowhere to be found. But good news for them - we still have it!

So now they are upstairs practicing their spanish color and animal words. It's like Christmas all over again.

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