Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Get Off My Tail!

Felisa was playing the Scooby Doo video game yesterday that Ryan got for his birthday. Apparently the driving race game is her favorite. I wasn't watching too closely but another driver in the race must have been tailgating her because she kept saying "Get off my tail!". Hmmm... wonder where she's heard that one before? At least she didn't say what I'm usually thinking which is a little less kid-friendly (Get off my ***!).

In other news...

Bella has a dentist appointment this morning to have a cavity filled. Starting last night at dinner she has been telling me that she is nervous.

Ryan's story, Boxy the Fat Pig is getting a lot of mileage... Since he won the contest, he has read it twice at the sponsored events. We video-taped the reading so that has gone out via the internet to his fan club of afar. Then since his teacher missed the reading this weekend, she asked if he wanted to read it to the class. He said okay. That reading has since morphed into a reading for the entire second grade. Yikes! He's not nervous at all when he reads which is great. Apparently he did not get the shy/nervous DNA from me. Which is good!

Mom was here for the weekend. Nice visit. I drove her downtown Monday morning for a meeting. After meandering around the back side fo the white house and numerous other one-way and closed roads filled with double-parked delivery trucks for about 15 minutes, we decided a jump-and-run was the best option. And so at the red light, with no cars coming, Mom jumped out. Then I drove away, leaving her in the middle of the road, in the middle of DC. Yikes! Luckily she found her way to the meeting and then home again on the train without any trouble. Phew!

Tonight is the Pinewood Derby. Ron and Ryan finished his souped-up super car this morning. I have been given instructions on how to apply the graphite to the wheels and how to remove a link from the bicycle chain if the car is overweight. Hope I can manage all that!

Bella is having a playdate this afternoon with her boyfriend, Coby. He's coming here so I'll be able to check him out a little more - see if he's really a nice kid. I've seen him at school a few times and he seems nice but you never know, right?! Ron will be in class tonight so he won't be able to use his big Marine Corps voice on Coby today. Lucky Coby!

And that's about all I can think of. We are dog-sitting for Cody (are you confused yet with coby-cody?!) this weekend and possibly heading south to visit Allie.

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mapiprincesa! said...

OH, that is good. Very good.

The Young Prince would like to invite Princess F for Buckies "tea and crumpets" perhaps tomorrow morning if she has no previous engagements...

We may arrange details later.