Thursday, January 24, 2008

Just checking in to report:

*Had a great reunion trip in Richmond this past weekend.

*Bella is sick. I had forgotten how sick she gets when she falls prey to the germs. I'm thinking she may be home from school again today. She's been sick since Saturday. She did finish her science share project though and we got it set up at school last night.

*Work! I've got work! Of course I have also procrastinated this work so now I'm feeling the crunch but some things never change.

*It's still January. For some reason I keep thinking that February should be here already but it's not. Of course, that's good since I haven't finished my work yet. :)

*Ryan is reading Candy Shop Wars. He picked it up at B&N with Christmas money. It's over 400 pages - definitely the longest he's ever read. He has also been inspired to make up a new game to play with his sisters. Something about the candy being magic and having powers. It's still in the planning stages though since the girls are a little too sick to be running around playing. Well, Felisa is okay now but Bella has been sticking to the couch and bed all week.

And now I need to get back to work. How much will I be able to get done before the kids wake up for school?!?

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