Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Car Dealers

At the Honda dealer this morning (very excited to have a table to work on AND electricity).  One of the service advisors came out to talk to someone about their car.  "I've got good news and bad news...". I find it interesting that we are given our diagnosis in such a public forum. Everyone in the room knows what's wrong with that guy's car. And he must know that everyone is listening to find out if he's going to say yes to the $370 repair.  How much does he love his car?  Will he do the right thing or will he make it suffer?  I wonder if there have been studies done to show that repair shop customers are more likely to approve all suggested repairs when notified in a public forum rather than a private conference. Hmm...


In other news... our car was given a good report.  The airbag light was caused by a faulty seatbelt sensor which will be replaced by Honda.  The mysterious thunk remains a mystery but everything looked good when they had it up on the rack.  My bill was only $31.  So nice!  Also, I have to say that the Honda dealer here has a much nicer waiting room than the Toyota dealer.  Couches, chairs, mulitple televisions on different channels, and tables if you'd like to be able to do work.  All that AND electricity for my laptop.  Cool.

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