Friday, February 08, 2013


I've lost my focus.  Rats!  I knew it was coming but I was trying to ignore the inevitable.  I've been busy lately and decided it was time to pull out my planner and start using it again.  Writing things down has always helped me, now more than ever as my brain ages and my ability to remember anything for more than 2 seconds shrivels.  I struggle with maintaining forward momentum in anything more challenging than lying like a lump on the couch.  I have had 4 very productive days this week.  Probably an all-time record even.  But alas, my streak has come to an end.  I have a list.  I have time (2 more hours until school gets out!).  I have no focus.  None.  Not even a tiny little bit.  I could blame the weather (it's cold and rainy today).  Unfortunately it probably isn't the weather's fault, at least not entirely.  It's just my fate.  I am doomed to live in my sloth-like state forever.  So sad.

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