Sunday, June 04, 2006

Attention on Deck!

Wow! Those words came out of nowhere! There we were, just sitting at the tables, drinking coffee, chatting, reading the paper, when, with no warning whatsoever, those 3 powerful words... ATTENTION ON DECK! Yikes! We all jumped right up as if we had never left the ranks of active service. Amazing.

So, first the good news... I'll bring home about $150 for yesterday morning's adventure. Drive across town to the Very Ugly Navy Base (why are they always SO ugly?!?) at un uncivilized early hour to sit around, fill out paperwork, and stand in a couple lines. All done and home before 10 a.m. Yawn! Had to take a nap later in the day to recover.

And now, the bad news... The Navy scale gave me 6 lbs more than the scale at home. Which amazingly enough, is exactly the number of lbs I am out of standards. Too bad it didn't give me an extra inch of height to go with it. And since I was over the max weight for my height, the doc had to measure me. Which came up with the grotesque number of 38% boby fat. Holy Toledo! That is not a pretty number. And it is 5% too much. So I'm out of standards no matter how you look at it.

But perhaps this is not all bad. As you may have gathered from my Blob post, the weight thing is weighing on me again (get it - weighing on me! HaHa!). Anyway, I was good during Lent (better once I got my food journal going along with the no sugar thing). God was there helping me I think. Since then, though, my motivation has been low, even non-existent at times. This was what I needed to get me jumpstarted again. My food journal has printed. I did not snack so horribly yesterday. And I even prayed about it last night at church. Need to get God back on my side. :) (Yes, I know, he is always there. But why should he bother to help me if I have been ignoring him? Like I tell Felisa all the time - you just need to ask for help and I will help you. Once again, the parenting analogies used to "get it" when it comes to The Father. Beat it into me long enough, and I just might eventually understand.)


mapiprincesa said...

okay, okay--i got the hint...I'll do my part and stop dragging you kicking and screaming to Buckies...

Dinner at my house? We're having salad...(yawn, right?!)

She-Ra said...

Oh yeah - kicking and screaming, ha ha!