Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Green Invader

So the retired-CIA master gardener that used to live here planted all kinds of weird things. So far most of it has survived our hands-off/bordering on neglectful gardening practices. We can identify very few plants in our "Garden Jungle" and my theory has been - if it's ugly or in my way, it's out of here! Who knows which are weeds and which are legitimate plants.

One particular plant has launched a major invasion. It started out in a small box next to the house on the back porch. Nothing has sprouted up on the side or in the back which makes me think the root has grown under the house and into the front yard. I took it over to Alexis for ID since she knows a lot of our plants. She had looked it up before but couldn't remember. This morning she emailed me the answer. It is called the Chameleon Plant (Houttuynia cordata) and apparently is quite invasive. Really?!!? What a shocker! It has taken over our entire front plant area along the house. AND there's even more good news... It is resistant to round-up. Nothing will kill it. Too even attempt to get rid of it, you have to dig out every last speck of root. Not an easy task, let me tell you. Even before this official diagnosis, I had been taking to it with the pitchfork and shovel, trying to dig the endless roots out. I've covered a 2 foot square area so far. Only about 100 sqare feet to go!

If I ever survive the Chameleon Battle, I have a very mature batch of Poison Ivy waiting for me along the back fence.

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mapiprincesa said...

Sounds like our Borg vine...