Thursday, June 08, 2006

How much is it worth?

So here is yet more evidence of what a train wreck I am as a mother…

I made up new chore charts today (this is the good part- probably the only good part!) and one of the items listed is bath, 3x’s/week. Now when was the last time these kids actually had a bath? I have absolutely no idea. That’s how long it has been. I’m sure at least a week and probably longer. So tonight Melissa is here watching the kids (Ron and I went to dinner for some good food and much needed grown up talk time). Ryan wanted dessert and I told him he had to do his evening chores first. Which is where the bath part comes in. So he was asking if he really had to do that and I was about to say no when I thought a little more about it and realized that it has been too long since they had a bath. So I put no-bath together with Melissa-is-here and came up with this great idea… I’ll give Melissa $5 extra to do it for me! So you all can be the judge… bad mommy or smart mommy? How much are clean children worth to you?!?

In other news…
Ryan and I saw the strangest bugs on the way home from school this afternoon. They were all white, very small, and looked like flying feathers with eyes. Very strange but cool at the same time. But what to call these creatures we have discovered? Flying Feather-Heads? Bird-Bugs? Fox-Frogs? I bet you’re wondering where that last name came from. Well, let me tell you… Ryan says that because foxes eat birds and frogs eat bugs we could call these creatures Fox-Frogs. Works for me!

I was debating whether to walk to school to pick up Ryan or drive. I knew I should walk, especially since we had Wendy’s for lunch (post-dentist treat for the kids) and I was headed out for dinner tonight. And Bailey needed a walk too. But I was feeling tired and lazy and not too keen on being hot and sweaty from the walk. Bella said she thought we should walk so I did the right thing. Of course, she and Felisa were asleep in the double stroller about 2 blocks into our trip. So there I am, pushing about 70 lbs worth of kids and stroller out in the humid air wondering why I let her convince me to do it. Oh well. It’s good for me.

Here’s some insight… I hate to sweat. I hate humidity. Sweating in the right time and place (exercise class for example) is okay but at no other point in the day should I be breaking out into a sweat. Because then I just feel so gross and grungy. Ick. I am an Air-Conditioning Girl for sure. Which is probably one of the reasons I will never be a poster child for energy-saving alternative transportation methods. If I drive my car… I can blast the air conditioning!!!

And now I need to get things wrapped up and get the house settled down, post-bath, so that I can go to bed. I’m soooooo tired and my throat is feeling a bit scratchy. Not a good thing.

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Smyling said...

Bad mommy or smart mommy....hmmmm....I vot for smart Melissa!