Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Diagnoses (or Trip to the Doctor, Take 2)

Drum roll please…..

The results are in. Tied for first place in the “I’m going to make Mommy crazy by never getting better” category are Felisa and Bella!

Felisa: Puts in a nice sneak attack with double ear-infections and possibly strep. I thought she only had the flu. Guess it’s the flu plus.
Bella: Once again maintaining her ability to surprise with walking pneumonia and strep. Neither of these is in the “weird diseases” realm that she prefers to work in but both are new for my kids.

(The good news... no one was at the doctor's office today since they were all there yesterday so we were able to sneak in to get our tests done, see the doctor, and pick up our prescriptions in record time. Maybe next time I should just start with the "Go to Dr. in middle of snow storm" plan right from the start!)

May the drugs start working quickly before I succumb to the germs as well. My reservations at the looney bin are already firmly in place and my grey hairs continue to multiply.

That’s it for us – stay safe and warm from the ice storm (I think it's really happening this time. Shocker!)

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