Thursday, February 08, 2007

So what do You do at 4 a.m.?

I blog... and eat Reese's Peanut Butter Candy Hearts. Why? Doesn't everybody?

Bella's coughing woke me up. Getting her some medicine and refilling her water cup made sure I was too awake to fall back asleep. Or maybe it is the anticipation of going to Target later today. I'd go now but it's too cold outside and I'm pretty sure they're not open yet.

Instead, I'll try to get an update posted.

Sick of Germs...
*I've been feeling better since my trip to ID. The dry air must have killed off all the microbes in my system. Maybe I should send the kids for a healing trip. Back in the old days of covered wagons and consumption, people headed west for healing. I'm thinking they're onto something.
*All the kids were sick the few days before Christmas. And stayed sick for weeks. Various issues. First it was The Cough. Average life span of The Cough, 3 weeks. Next it was a cold for Felisa. And an eye infection. When I took her to the doctor for her eyes, she discovered an ear infection. And the cold - well, that turned out to be Fifth's Disease though I didn't realize it at the time. The Fifth's Disease spread to Bella while I was in ID and then to Ryan. Which brings us to the end of January. Now we are a week into February and STILL SICK. When Felisa came home from school last Wednesday she had a fever. She was back to school on Friday and after a brief relapse on Friday evening, she was all better by Saturday morning. Bella had the fever when she got home from school on Friday. And she STILL HAS IT! Ryan hasn't had anything major since The Cough and the Fifth's Disease but I wouldn't call him 100% healthy either.
*Maybe I'll try to get Bella in to the doctor today. That way they can tell me if she has anything that can be fixed with medicine. Our current healing plan is time. Doesn't seem to be working all that well. Besides, the day I finally give up and take the kids to the doctor is usually the day they are finally getting better. I find myself in the examining room saying, "No really. She was sick. I was up all night!" And the doctor says, "Looks okay to me." Hmm... Maybe I should have gone sooner since that is the magical healing action. Though the magical healing may be more related to the expiration of my patience and taking them sooner would not have the same magical healing results. Opinions anyone?
*Now you all are as sick of germs as I am! Is anyone still reading this?

Julie's Visit...
One of my college roommates, Julie Z., came to visit us this weekend. The kids were on their good behavior and charmed her. We went to the Chocolate Festival Saturday morning. We went to see Because I Said So. We went out to eat. A lot. And on Sunday we watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with Ryan. And don't forget all the very important "hanging out and talking". A great weekend. She even said she'll come back again some time. Maybe even sooner than the 3+ years it has been since her last visit.

Exercising (or rather, NOT exercising)...
Our December exercise class session ended a week before Christmas. I ran twice the week before Christmas but was having trouble with wheezing. Then, the day after Christmas, The Cough got a hold on me. So I didn't run that week. Or the first week of January. Our January session started on Jan. 8. I still had The Cough but I was feeling better so decided to give it a try. Other than very sore muscles from John's favorite exercises - squats and lunges (and from not working out for almost 3 weeks!) - and some coughing fits brought on by running suicides, it went well. I made it class all that first week. Then I got sick with something else. The flu maybe? Body aches and a bit of fever. So I didn't go to class the second week. And then there was a holiday. And then I was out of town. And then there was only a week left of the session followed by a week break. Not really worth the money for one week on and the associated sore muscles (since I haven't been exercising!), followed by a week off (so I'd be starting over again anyway in February). So I made an executive decision to not go back until the next full session starts. You may be wondering why I didn't just go running or something on my own. Can you say Artic Cold Snap? Single digit (and negative) wind chills? I'm an East Coast wimp now so no way am I going out to run in that, especially if I haven't been working out at all lately! And as it turns out, class was cancelled a couple times for snow/cold days anyway.

Here is where it gets interesting... I have been missing my exercise. Me, the major home-body couch potato. Wishing Feb. 12 would hurry up and get here so I can get back into my workout routine. How crazy is that?!? Good news - if there are no school closings or delays tomorrow, I can go to a make-up session from January's class. Get nice and sore then have the weekend to recover a little before going back again next week. Cool, huh!

What else? It seems like there should be more to tell. I mean, I haven't blogged in forever. Of course, if I think back over the last two weeks and try to remember interesting things, all I can see is sick kids. Cold weather. Ugh. We are so going to Target today before I totally lose it.

It's 5:30 now... do you think Target is open yet?

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